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Mass Effect 3 (2012)


The Mass Effect series is like a gaming Rorschach Test, and not just because of its tricksy moral hypotheticals. No two players seem able to agree on what Mass Effect does well and what Mass Effect does terribly, with opinions diverging to the point where you wonder if everyone is even discussing the same games. Mass Effect is the best science-fiction story ever told, unless it’s dreary, pulpy garbage. It’s got characters you care about deeply, unless they annoy you to the point of purposely sending them to their dooms. The ultimate Mass Effect is the first iteration’s open-world RPG playground, or maybe it’s the second’s tighter, more character-driven hallway shooter. Nobody cares about Mass Effect‘s combat, but would it kill these designers to have Shepard just shut up and shoot somebody already? Oh, and let’s not forget that it ends with either the greatest artistic achievement in gaming history or a pretentious, schizophrenic hodgepodge of undercooked sci-fi cliches so awful that it sent a small nation’s worth of nerds into a months-long, near-primal tantrum. Mass Effect 3‘s ending faced plenty of grousing about its lack of personalization, but given the wide spectrum of opinions about this series, players had no problem making these games their own. Continue reading

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Side Quest: 2012 in Review (and Some Long Overdue Thanks)


If you follow this blog, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that I didn’t play many new games in 2012.

There are plenty of debates and discussions going on in these year-end wrap-ups that I know plenty about, but don’t feel comfortable commenting on in full. I’m sure I’ll have something to say about that Mass Effect 3 ending, but I have three whole games’ worth of aliens to kill and/or bed before that can happen. I won’t know if Assassin’s Creed III (it’s the end of a console generation, so seems like it was mainly safe-bet threequels this year) really pales that much in comparison to the second installment until I skulk around Renaissance Italy for a bit. I’ve played through the intro of Dishonored, and while I enjoy its art style and will surely have a lot of fun in its Thief-aping mission playgrounds, I put it down to concentrate on titles more relevant to this blog.

I did manage to pick up and trek through a handful of this year’s big indie releases, though. Continue reading

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