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Ico (2001)


Man likes well-regarded game; footage at eleven.

How does one end a game like Shadow of the Colossus with any semblance of hope? The story climaxes in a catastrophe caused entirely by your character‘s actions, not only eternally sealing off your now-demonic person but abandoning the woman you swore to save in a desolate valley with little hope of escape. It’s a gut punch of a finale, and its inevitability does not detract from its mournful and sour taste. Yet Fumito Ueda and his team are too smart and too human to believe you can end a masterstroke with a one-note, soul-stomping dirge, and as the credits roll, we can’t help but feel a shred of hope for the world they created. Perhaps it’s as simple as the mood set by Kow Otani’s score, or that we are grateful to spend a few more minutes gawking at the game’s lush scenery. But for fans of Ueda’s previous title, there is one overriding reason we believe all might not be lost: he reincarnated Wander as a boy with horns. Continue reading

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